Toyota Gr Supra Jarama Racetrack Edition Will Create Corners For Europe

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When the Toyota Supra was reborn, which was finally introduced after years of development, the first driving event for the media was carried out in the Jarama circuit. The Spanish runway located, north of Madrid, is a technical course of 2.4 miles with 14 rounds. It is the basis for a new Special Edition Supra appropriate as Jarama Racetrack Edition, which is only available for buyers in Europe, and is offered in extremely limited numbers.

Toyota Gr Supra

Toyota Supra Jarama Racetrack Edition

In particular, Toyota 90 builds all the sum. The automobile manufacturer does not provide complete breakdowns of country production numbers, but the United Kingdom will only be available 30. The editing of Jarama Racetrack pumps the appearance of Supras with a special outer layer of blue horizon color, supplemented with black wheels of 19 inches and red brake calibrators.

In updates include black sewing pads with blue seams, but that they are coincidentally outside. The adaptation of the carbon fiber board also establishes the special edition of the pack, with individualized production numbers and a visible Jarama silhouette in the inserts.

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There are some great features for the Supra Jarama racetrack. Get a 3D mapping GPS system and is equipped with Supra Connect access for connected services. It also has SUPRA security + driver's owner package and security systems, including adaptable cruise and front lighting, track expenditure warning and pedestrian detection, including.

The special edition is only offered in SUPRA six-cylinder. This in Europe means that the 3.0-liter driver I6 generates 335 hp (250 kilowatts) compared to 382 hp (285 kW) available in the states. Like all Supras, the performance is returned by an eight-speed automatic. There is no word for the cost of Jarama Racetrack edition, but it should be available later this spring and prices will be announced by that date.

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