Toyota FJ Cruiser Rendering, The Jeep Wagner's Competitor

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Although it was a popular automobile that did well in the area where Jeep is headquartered, the Toyota FJ Cruiser was discontinued from the US market in 2014.

The unique off-roader was introduced in 2006 and had to fight with the Jeep Wrangler, with lackluster sales resulting to its retirement just as crossovers and SUVs began to gain popularity. Although there are little signs that the FJ will make a comeback, a new design depicts a contemporary take on the SUV.

The unauthorized depiction, which can be found on the Rain Prisk Facebook page, reinterprets the FJ's distinctive style for a new era of off-road vehicles.

The FJ's peculiar boxiness is still visible if you look closely, but it's considerably crisper and finer than before. The grille has prominent Toyota insignia and is flanked by circular headlights on the exterior with horizontal turn signal indicators.

The depiction, like the original FJ, has a large, chunky plastic-looking front bumper assembly and a hood over the grille. The thick C-pillar design from the FJ is also noticeable.

Although there has been no current sign that Toyota wants to bring the model back to the United States, the company did imply in 2018 that a new, smaller off-road vehicle might be in the works.

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