Toyota Defeated GM At Home, The Best Seller Of US

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Chip shortage was the issue that many automakers faced last year, and probably this year too. That affected the sale rates. However, for the first time after 90 years in U.S. Toyota as a foreign automaker became the best-seller of the year. Before that, General Motors holds this position.

2021 is over and the bests are introduced. The best-seller here is Toyota with 2,332,262 delivered cars. That means in just one year the sale increased by 10.4 percent. On the same scale, GM sold 2,218,228 units with a 12.9 percent decrease.

It’s actually a great achievement for Toyota and a red alert to the other companies. The senior vice president of automotive operations at Toyota Motor North America, Jack Hollis, states:

"Toyota is grateful to our loyal customers for putting their safety and trust in Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Being No. 1 is never a focus or priority. The company's focus has always been being the best brand in terms of safety, quality, and value in customers' minds."

toyota rav4 2022

The best seller of Toyota was RAV4. Just 430,387 models for the U.S. that was about 5 percent progress. Contrary, the best seller of GM, light-duty Chevrolet Silverado, had a record of 380,715 which is a 12.7 percent drop in comparison with 2020. Even if you add the other models medium- and heavy-duty Silverado’s this number reaches 529,765 trucks. Still 10.8 percent lower than last year.

gm chevrolet silverado

Although the chip shortage paralyzed many companies, just like GM and Toyota. Toyota reduced its global production by 360,000 vehicles. GM also eliminate the numbers and even sacrificed some items like seat heaters or parking sensors to keep its lines alive. However, all firms should find a new way to face supplement problem. Next year, it may be the same situation as this year.

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