Top 10 Of 2021 Hatchbacks, Find Your Suitable Hatch

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By growing the number of cars all around the world, the categories and means of using them becoming bigger and of the markets which was highly under influence of changes, was hatchbacks. These types of cars had hard years, during high taxes and restrict emissions regulations. Still, there are some fans, and if there are consumers, there is also producers. Many companies introduced their hatchbacks. Let’s take a look of top ten, by the evo selection.

1. Toyota GR Yaris

Toyota Yaris is a familiar name. the GR Yaris is the first ‘real’ WRC homologation road car after a long time. This car is highly tuned, and showed a good performance too. This one has a three-cylinder engine with 1.6-liter capacity. Thanks to its turbochargers it has the 260 hp of output and 360 Nm of torque. The engine does its work perfect as the body design do as well. The carbon fiber roof, aluminum bonnet and doors, and numerous engineering solutions put it on top of the other hatchbacks.

2021 tozota yaris GR

2.Honda Civic Type R

The second stage goes to another Japanese Automaker too. Honda Civic Type R is still on the list, though its not a freshman here. It has been around since 2017 but with just some updates it has renewed itself. The front-wheel-drive of this hotty, can handle almost every road. Perfect steering and handling, also the brakes and powertrain are all, power points of this car. what this Civic has on it sleeve is its ability to the chassis willing to engage the rear axle as much as its driver. Its 2-liter engine provides 320 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Just look at this. Can you Not fall in love with it?

2021 honda Civic Type R

2021 honda Civic Type R

3.Hyundai i30

Still Asian! Yes, that a Hyundai i30 N, not a whole new engineering, but still one of the bests. This one had also some updates. The new version arriving with some key updates and a very special dual-clutch transmission system. This one has also a 2-liter engine with six speed gearboxes. As the standard power, 250 hp is written for it, but it can reach higher too. This one is equipped with a big performance packs which can serve the customers desires. So, you can use it in any occasion.

2021 hyundai i30 n line

2021 hyundai i30 n line

4.Volkswagen Golf R

Mk8 Volkswagen Golf with “R” stands on the 4th grade with its more speed, stealth and sophistication than its front-wheel drive GTI siblings. Maybe the look is not changed a lot, but this hatchback has a really powerful engine under its hood. The 2.0-liter EA888 four-cylinder turbo engine with 320 hp of power, is its fourth generation. It also provides 420 Nm of torque. It has also a twin-clutch DSG transmission with seven gears. Moreover, Golf R has involved the rear axle into the driving which was done on no Golf ever before.

2021 volkswagen golf GTI

5. Mercedes-AMG A45 S

Although Mercedes makes brilliants sedans, but its hatchback hasn’t noting special to present. Even its all-new A45 S could do much more. By the way, its still a Mercedes-Benz, so its defaults are yet good. Its powerful engine with 390 hp is unbelievable, and for the new A45 S it rises to 420 hp. But the high price tag, makes it not a popular hatchback. AMG should know it’s just a hatchback.

2021 mercedes amg 45s

2021 mercedes amg 45s

6.Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has almost completely understood the meaning of a hatchback. There is no need to have a shuttle speed, but it has to be good in every single aspect. This one could be clever choice. This one has a new 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine with a six-speed manual gearbox. Fiesta ST sounds like sport cars too, thanks to its active exhaust and digital enhancement. If you choose the limited-run Performance Edition, you can find the real comfort inside a hatchback. The dampers with extra layer of sophistication to the quite stiff base model. And more importantly the price tag is much cheaper than an AMG-Hatchback!

2021 ford fiesta st

7. BMW 128ti

BMW in the hatchback market is quite not professional. For the first time it introduced from its 1-series range, the M135i. maybe that was not a success, but this German company didn’t give up, so we have now here among our hot hatchbacks the 128ti. This new variant, has separated its way from its expensive bro. this 128it is the revival of Golf GTI.

2021 bmw 128it

Maybe it has omitted the all-wheel-drive system, or the front suspension, and some other unnecessary packs for a hatchback, but it kept the essential features. It has a big engine like the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 268 hp. Also, the 400 Nm of torque is delivered to the wheels through BMW’s eight-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox (there is no manual option). This BMW really is the top ten of hot hatchbacks.

8. Renault Sport Mégane RS

This hatchback, has experienced updates in 2020. This hatchback is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine which could produce 300 hp of output, additional with turbo lag thanks to a twin-scroll turbo. This vehicle uses also a six-speed dual-clutch transmission which is completely automatic, with the slick-shifting. By the way, its not just the engine which is fascinating, the good body design is the other reason to put this on the list. The soft chassis around the body, provides less fuel consumption.

2018 renualt megane rs

9. Volkwagen Golf GTI Clubsport

This one is a hatch of future. This new Clubsport carries the high-performance model of EA888 engine under its hood, just like the TCR. It has also a limited-slip differential and dials up the chassis attitude a few extra notches. As it’s a Clubsport car, Volkswagen tried to put almost a bit from anything on this car. it really needs better dynamic chassis control. Clubsport has also used 19-inch wheel and tyre package too. Also, with bigger front brake discs (357mm), it will be a safe car. if asking about the steering and control of this vehicle, we should say the Clubsport is constantly hamstrung by a lack of outright grip, teetering on the edge of slip particularly through faster corners. But yet, the design and used materials and even the engine it self could convince you to buy it.

2021 volkswagen golf gti clubsport

2021 volkswagen golf gti clubsport

10. Ford Focus ST

Okey, we saw Fiesta on the list, but Ford didn’t think that would be enough. So, it designed the Focus ST, the smaller sibling of Fiesta to make us to put it on the list, but actually just the latest model. Starting with its engine, this hatchback has a 2.3-liter engine, or 2-liter, or even 1.8-liter. This is a bit smaller than the old version. And of course, it’s a four-cylinder turbocharged engine. So, the result is around 279 hp of power at 5500 RPM. (it’s a bit less than other 2-liter hatchbacks). The ride of this vehicle is some how unnatural. You can’t have the exact feeling and response from the steering wheel. But it is still beautiful and Ford. You should pay the cost of this name!

2020 Ford focus ST

2020 Ford focus ST

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