This Is The Hot Summer Of Lamborghini, The Last V12 Will Be Unveiled

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Lamborghini has been so busy recently. New models and version come out every day. This company stated it’s "The best six months ever," . it shows how successful they are. They have Urus as the bestseller of 2021 with 2,796 units, but also this summer will be the summer of Aventador Ultimae, the just recent new car of this Italian Automaker.

This new Aventador would be the last pure V12 car. Just a few months ago this company said, a pair of V12 vehicle with be released by the last ones, and no purer V12. So, if the Ultimae is one of them, what could be the next one?

Just we can make some guesses. As Motor1 sees the situation, if its going to be the same thing that happened foe the legendary Countach which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, so the model can be some how related to the LP500 concept in 1971.

If this evidence would be true, the last ever pure V12 can be some thing related to the Miura Homage – the limited Aventador-based model from 2016 that celebrated the golden anniversary of what's considered by some as Lamborghini's first supercar.

By the way, Lambo would enter the electrified cars market by 2024. They make all the models hybrid by then and after that in 2025 this Italian company introduces its all-new EV. So, this summer seems to be historical. The final real cars are coming out.

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