This Carbon Fiber Kit For Audi RS6 Avant Costs $20,000

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A carbon fiber aerodynamic body kit for the latest Audi RS6 Avant has just been released by American tuner 1016 Industries in an effort to increase its appeal.

Customers can buy a finished Audi RS6 from 1016 Industries for $142,995, or they can choose to get a whole carbon fiber kit starting at $20,000.

Starting with the front end, where the tuner has designed a sharp new splitter and unique new side skirts, the changes are more extensive. A more pronounced diffuser, a hood scoop made of carbon fiber, and a spoiler that protrudes outward from the roof are also present. None of the RS6 modifications made by 1016 Industries, according to the company, call for the installation of any standard parts to be trimmed. As a result, the changes can be readily undone if the owner decides to sell the vehicle or restore it to its original state.

Audi RS6

A set of aftermarket RDB wheels with a closely-spoked design are also mounted on top of a set of bright blue brake calipers on the RS6 in the image.

Unfortunately, there is no mechanical upgrade but the RS6 Avant itself is powerful and fast enough that most buyers don’t see any sort of need to look for more power and torque.

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