The VW ID.4 Pro's EPA Rating Has Been Announced

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The EPA range efficiency rating for the new, entry-level Volkswagen ID.4 Pro model was recently published online.

The Pro version, which was introduced in April, has a range of 418 km, which is 10 miles or 4% longer than the first and Pro S models.

It's worth noting that the automobile with the same 82 kWh battery and 150 kW electric engine is rated significantly higher. The paper also states that the figure of 260 miles was intentionally reduced from 423 kilometers.

The EPA Highway range rating is 381.5 kilometers, compared to 370 kilometers in the Pro S. The new car's efficiency is somewhat greater in all areas.


In the base configuration, both the Pro and Pro S have the same 19-inch wheels, therefore a difference in wheel size cannot be the cause.

The ID is intriguing.

4 Pro is somewhat better, or is it only a move to the 5-cycle test in Pro, as opposed to the 2-cycle test in Pro S/1st? So far as we know, the 5-cycle test yields a somewhat better range.

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