The Sweet Smile Of Daniel Brühl In The Cupra Leon e-HYBRID, He Joined the Tribe

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It seems the Cupra for its firs electric Model established a launch campaign. That means some famous people on the wheel of CUPRA Leon e-HYBRID shows us their satisfied faces with the performance. One of them is Daniel Brühl. The Slogan of the Company is ‘There is a time when you drive for others, and a time when you drive for yourself’.

Daniel Brühl who is famous for the films of Inglorious Basterds, Rush and Good bye, Lenin! Which I love them all, appears driving the new CUPRA model, whose plug-in hybrid engine provides sporty driving pleasure but minimizes the vehicle’s impact on the environment. Brühl is satisfied with this case. He said:

I am looking forward to joining the CUPRA Tribe, a contemporary brand from my hometown of Barcelona that shares my lifestyle and values. Times are changing and nowadays for me when choosing a car the most important factor is sustainability. As a sports enthusiast, I need a high-performance vehicle that not only speeds up in the shortest possible time, but also minimizes its impact on the environment in the broadest sense. In this sense, the new CUPRA Leon e-HYBRID is the perfect choice

The Cupra Leon e-Hybrid can be an opportunely for going around the city when the speed I not important. Without any emission, you can take the leisure of all-electric mode for 52 km. the new model will also offer a wide range of petrol engines with three options of 245, 300 and 310PS available, the latter only in its Sports tourer version and with 4Drive all-wheel drive system.

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