The Story Of A SuperCar, Maserati MC20 Is On The Tests

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Maserati, the famous Italian automaker, has always some wonders n its sleeve. After seeing the MC12 with a V12, now we are the witnesses of presenting the Maserati MC20. This one is not just a supercar, its actually super in many aspects. This one is powered with Nettuno twin-turbo V6 engine, thanks to the we can track the existence of this super car.

As told before, the engine of this super car is a new twin-turbocharged, twin-combustion 3.0-liter Nettuno which can provide the car 621 hp of output and 729 Nm of torque. The main development of this engine was done in Italy, at home.

It has also an eight-speed dual clutch transmission, what is expected it a 2.9 seconds record for 100 km. on the body of this vehicle massive carbon fiber is used. Therefor, MC20 weighs just 1,500 kilograms. And as it is calculated it can hit 323 km/h easily.

meserati mc 20- v6 nettuno

For building up this supercar, about 1,500 technicians worked in various departments of Maserati Product Development center. The DIM dynamic simulator (drive-in-motion) is one part of production. By this part of company, Maserati does 90 percent of development. So, they can save much time.

By the testing prosses, Nettuno started its work deep inside the MC20. More than 3 million kilometers on the wheel of prototype and pre-series examples of the MC20 was done by Federico Landini to compare the simulation with reality (and some will be done on extreme weather condition). The engine of this supercar went on dyno over 200 times. All of these experiments are just for having a desired car for everyday drive. Different driving modes are on experiment too and Landin is gathering the steering and braking system feedbacks for later studies. It seems that one driving mode as “Corsa” can be impressing. The set-up is independent.

meserat supercar mc20

The development of MC20 is not done yet and you should wait for more. But this year we can see the arrival of this supercar to the market. It would cost about $210,000. And later in 2022 Maserati MC20 the full-electric version of it comes out too.

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