The New Xpeng P7 Wing Limited Edition Rocks Scissor Doors As An Opponent For Tesla

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Well, these days the special editions are not special anymore since many carmakers think that some accessories and extra equipment make their product “special”. But that is not true! Luckily, The New Xpeng P7 Wing Limited Edition, is actually special, unlike some other cars. This Tesla opponent, is designed and built to be as sporty and dynamic as possible.

Design & Equipment

One of the super coolest features of the P7 Wing Limited Edition, is its Lambo-style scissors doors. They look absolutely beautiful on this new model as they pair with the bright yellow-green color of the body. The new features of Xpeng P7 Wing Limited Edition are not limited to cool doors. This model is pretty high-tech since the doors have radar sensors that can identify obstacles and makes the opening process easier.

You can lock-unlock the doors through Bluetooth and NFC keys. There is also an application that pairs with a voice assistant. You can also use the traditional ways to unlock the doors if you wish to.


This Wing Limited Edition P7, is offered as two slightly different versions, All-Wheel Drive High-Performance and Rear-Wheel Drive Super-Long Range.

The first model has an 80.9 KWh battery pack. The pack sends power to two electric motors (instead of just one, unlike the second model). The output is 425 horsepower. This version hits 100 km/h in only 4.3 seconds. The whole system increases the range up to 562 km.

The second model, owns an 80.9 kWh battery pack as well. This pack helps an electric motor to produce 263 horsepower and 390Nm of torque. This power system, increases the range up to 706 km. The maximum speed is 170 Km/h.

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