The New Smart ForTwo EQ To Come With Cool Exterior Upgrades

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Smart company, a division to Daimler has provided the Smart ForTwo EQ it is called the Edition Bluedawn. The variant has been around to order since last November. The company has noted that it will get to the market in April.

This new edition comes with lots of upgrades, especially for the exterior. The matte velvet blue is one the most important changes. The small coupe features some other upgrades as well. The 16-inch monoblock wheel go with the body paint as the black grille add to the beauty of the front end of the New Smart ForTwo EQ. The black color of the grille can be seen on the mirrors and front lettering as well as the rear diffuser insert.

Inside the cabin, we see Brabus shift lever and floor mats, showcasing “Edition Bluedawn”. The engine and power system has not changed at all and is exactly the same as the standard Smart EQ ForTwo, as well as other parts and features of the interior design.

It means that the new edition is still equipped with an electric motor making 80 horsepower and 159 Nm of torque with rear-wheel drive capability. The vehicle offers a range of 58 miles for the electric motor.

Smart ForTwo Bluedawn edition

According to the company itself, many orders have been taken and the buyers are looking forward to April.


The Smart ForTwo EQ Edition Bluedawn comes with two different trim levels which are called the Pules and the Prime. The first one costs $35,017 as the latter’s pricing starts at $35,477.

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