The Modified Audi RS Q8 Roar Like Lion, Runs Like Chita

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It seems one of the Audi customers found its RS Q8 quite not satisfying. So, he has come up with a modified Audi RS Q8. This one can be some thig extra ordinary. The quite boy is now roaring with its new full exhaust system and nowadays who doesn’t love the high frequency sound. So, this vehicle has not just the honor to be fast at Nurburgring, but also, a big selection of aftermarket parts.

audi rs q8 modified

By the tuning procedures, the Audi RS Q8 can be changed to a real monster. The first tune is the stage 2 Tune from which can increase the output of this 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. Just feel the 760 hp and 1060 Nm of torque with this tune. The zero to 100 km/h is reduced to 3.2 and the top speed is now 330 km/h.

audi rs q8 modified

The under-hood upgrades were not enough to the owner, so he decided to have look at the exhaust system too. By watching the video, you can find what a great work is done to the exhaust. It has an impressive sound. What we can guess, is the filter removal included the exhaust particular filters used in Europe but maybe left the catalytic converters in place to keep the super SUV legal for reading use.

The result of all these efforts is, an Audi which was not exists before. The powerful engine helps the car to be sharper and the exhaust system can remove the engine limits and also a delicate drive, just the feeling inside a SUV. If this kind of modification is your favorite, just you need is an Audi RS Q8 to put some exhaust backfires and acceleration.

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