The Ghost You are Eager To See, New Teaser From Rolls-Royce

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This September is the month for the Ghost. Don’t be terrified. This is the new car by Rolls Royce. This car was officially announced in July, there are some teasers about this mysterious car. most of them are animations by the British luxury marque. Now there is another one. Short and attractive.

New teaser has come out of London. Although this one is also an animation but this time some pieces of this Four-door sedan is clearer. They are hidden under the moving fabric. Despite of this, the whole shape is now revealed. For example, what we get from the film, is the upfronts shape. It is rectangular which makes a difference among the current styling. Please do not be shocked after 1.20 minutes.

Based on the previous teasers we know that new Rolls Royce Ghost has 152 LEDs in the dashboard, which seems to be a new way to implement the popularized starlight headliner. It also has 220 pounds of sound-deadening materials. The suspension setup is one of the simple’s type (it is not yet confirmed and we expect much more from the British company).

Second generation of this Ghost is going to be debut on September 1, 2020. There are so many things that we need to know about this car. but the time to decipher the secrets is near.

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