The First Tuning Package On Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, Focus On Wheels

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The Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is one of the fastest sport cars and also expensive cars. Even though, there are still some customers who are not satisfied with power. As the result the wheelsandmore starts offering the first tuning package on this series. It called the Underdock center-lock adapter system.

mercedes amg black series first tuning package

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series as the fastest production vehicle to ever lap the perilous Nurburgring, wasn’t quit ready in the this German tuners mind. So as its efforts we are witness of Underdock center-lock adapter system on the GT Black Series. That package is mostly about the rims with central locking.

Mercedes AMG black series first tuning package

This system has an aluminum-magnesium alloy central-locking nut, which allows you to switch wheels between cars without the need to change the whole hub. So this system is not just useful for GT but also other vehicles. And the rims are upgraded to forged 20-inch alloys with a twin five-spoke design and big variety of colors. They just would weigh 9 to kilograms. And even if there is something that you want but not on the list, just call Wheelsandmore.

mercedes amg black series firts tuning package

But its not just about rims. This package includes the engine upgrade too. The engine output on this trim is risen to 789 hp and 870 Nm. The result is 336 km/h as the top speed of this vehicle. More power means better brakes are required. Wheelsandmore has the carbon-ceramic disc brakes and special pads. That means 50 percent higher coefficient of friction than stock. The last change is a sport exhaust system.

So, if you are not happy with your $300,000 sport coupe just set your demand.

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