The First Bentley Blower Is Reborn, Just For 12 Exclusive Models

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The First Bentley Blower is Reborn, Just For 12 Exclusive Models This Car Zero is built again after 90 years just for the special customers. For building this car, all the models and jigs are the same which was used for original four Blowers built and raced by Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin in the late 1920s. All the parts were laser scanned and the work was started. The CAD model was integrated to rebuild the auto in digital world.

Bentley Blower

1920’s in 2020

After modeling, all the parts were manufactured. 1,846 individual parts are designed again and 230 of these parts were assemblies, that means thousand needed fixings and also the interior trim parts are included. After building up the Blower Car Zero, the endless tests were started. Bentley’s Director of Mulliner, Paul Williams is really excited by the work and also added:

The very latest digital design techniques came together with genuine artisanal hand-crafted artistry – often using manufacturing methods true to the 1920s. It’s only through this fusion of old and new that we could craft these cars, with the skills of our engineers mirrored in those of our specialist suppliers

Car Zero Bentley Blower


This old man, Zero Blower, has the same engine which was originally designed by W.O Bentley himself. It is a 4½-litre engine. aluminum pistons, an overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and twin spark ignition are also added to the engine. the renowned 4½-litre engine has been paired with a newly machined Amherst Villiers roots-type supercharger. The real challenge was passing these days tests for this 100-year-old car.

Bentley Blower

After finishing the Car Zero, the durability test shall begin. The test program is designed to achieve the equivalent of 35,000 kilometers of real-world driving across 8,000 kilometers of track driving, and simulates the undertaking of famous rallies such as Peking to Paris and Mille Miglia. Then these cars are ready to deliver to their 12 wealthy and also unique lovers, owners.

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