The First 40 Bugatti Divo On The Way To Owners

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Divo was introduced in 2018 by Bugatti. After 2 years now this company claimed that the first ones are ready to be delivered to the customers. According to the automaker speak person: “This marks the end of a challenging development lasting almost two years,”. We can see the results of the Bugatti’s efforts. Divo is not just a hypercar. This car deserves much more.

Stephan Winkelmann said: “The Divo starts a new era at Bugatti – the era of modern coachbuilding". This statement is true without any doubt. The facilities of this car are much more than enough. Winkmann calls Diva as “a highly customized masterpiece of automotive craftsmanship”. After Diva, Bugatti can alter and customize its others cars to be up to date. They can even transform Bugatti Chiron to Diva.

From the visual angel of view, Diva is an independent model. The profile is slimmer to give the car an appearance of flat sport car. intakes which are located on the hood, has reduced the vehicles surface area, so the airflow has a better condition. And also, with cooperation of a new spoiler, more downforce is produced. On the one hand this spoiler directs the airflow which goes into the front intakes, on the other hand by passing the air to the brakes, helps the brakes to be cooled.

The rear design is as the front so detailed and stunning. The rare has a unique 3D tail. on the tail are 44 light-up fins. Bugatti engineers considered a NACA air duct on the roof to help the 8.0-liter W16 engine, has a better air income. This engine is capable of 1,500 horsepower (1,118 kilowatts) and the top speed of this car which is recorded is 236 mile per hour (380 kilometers per hour).

Bugatti Divo Price

This car is really the combination of science, art, aerodynamics, and weird Ideas. Divo hypercar cost at least €5 million and just 40 of these cars will be built. But there is no chance for us to buy this beauty because the firm has already sold all the 40 examples.

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