The Chevrolet Bolt EVs Are On Fire, The Recall For Bad Battery Packs

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Bad luck for GM. It seems that the GM Bolt EVs are facing tribble defection with the battery packs. This company announced a recall for $ 1.8 billion battery recall of Chevrolet Bolt EV and Chevrolet Bolt EUV in United States. But recall is not the only problem for the costumers, also they are not allowed to park their cars at outdoor parking lot in San Francisco.

The lack of battery module is the problem of about half of the GM production for the both models. And also, the fire of the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV, was the gasoline to the ban. That frustrated the people, and don’t want to park were a Bolt is there.

Fixing such a defection needs time. First should be the LG Chem's LG Energy Solution should be found and then eliminate the cause. That takes more than one year. So, here is the temporary solution of the company. The owners must not charge the Bolt more than 90 percent of its capacity or let the battery goes discharged below 113 km of the remaining range. And always keep the car outside. That means just 60% of the range travel is usable.

chevrolet bolt 2022 ev

This issue had dramatically influenced on the market value. The safety concerns on the on side, and the uncertain future on the other side, doubled the trouble for GM owners. The fear has already gone among the other vehicle owners, parking lot owners, as well as charging networks, plus elevate insurance costs.

But however, there are about 30% of the Bolt owners, who doesn’t really care about getting on fire. They charge the car more than 90% percent and let the Battery goes empty. GM should do the recall faster and handle the situation as soon as possible. Otherwise, the consequences could affect the 2022 model of the year too. Also, as project fails, about 142,000 battery sets will be wasted.

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