The Big Mistry Of Honda, A Whole All-Electric Vehicle At Shanghai Motor Show

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As Shanghai 2021 Auto Show will go on 21th of April till 28th, every automaker uncovers its new vehicles. this time a new prototype be Honda is under spotlights. This Honda will be an electric one, suitable for new world. However, there were some teasers of this new Honda on the medias, it is not still exactified what would be. What we know is that one will go on the hybrid and the other carries the name of first Hondas fully electric vehicle in China.

This Auto show, would not just be the place of new vehicles, but also, we can see the new technologies too. Honda will have third-generation Connect and its next-gen safety and driver-assist system as one part of its techs. In addition, on the show a range of current electrified Hondas would march. The brand's upscale Acura group will show off the RDX and the China-exclusive CDX crossover.

Honda 2020 SUV e concept

Don’t miss the real Honda’s too. The biggest part of this show, is about the motorcycles. Honda is the meaning of Motorcycle. so be ready of all the things about a modest CM300 to the glorious Gold Wing. As we are trying to concentrate on the Autos, we don’t have even rumors to speak about, except the new EV prototype.

Honda 2020 SUV e Concept

We can connect this new model to the previous e-SUV concept which was presented last September at 2020 Beijing Auto Show. That time the specification of this new concept was just a blank paper. Maybe now, this company is ready to reveal some new information. The time is so near. And soon we would find out what is under the curtain. Just till 19th April.

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