Tesla Needs More Time To Delivery Its Cars To The Customers, Models 3, Model Y, Model S, And Model X Are Effected

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Do you want to have a Tesla? So, be aware that this automaker would delivery your car in long term. Actually, it seems something went wrong and there is no balance between supply and demand. Also, Tesla raised the cost of Model 3 and Model Y in U.S. too.

Recently, we saw that Tesla make an increase on the price tag of the new models of Model 3 and Model Y as two popular models. About $2,000 is added on the recipe. Now, here is the other bad news. Even you register your order now, you can have your car in April 2022. But keep it in the mind that won’t happen for all the versions. The Model 3 SR+ is one of the models with long waiting time. For the Tesla Model Y Performance, you should wait until December and for Model S one more month and Model X the waiting time extended for other two months.

Just to make conclusion, for the versions of Model 3, just the Standard Range Plus is changed, Model S both variants of Long range and Plaid has long waiting time, Model X again both variants of Long Range And Plaid. And the last model of Model Y just Performance version has long delivery time.

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These bad new in the Electric Cars World are mostly because of the Corona Virus pandemic and its consequences. The biggest problem that electric car makers are now facing is shortage of chips, and on the other hand high demand for EV.

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