Still No Geneva Motor Show, Its Again Cancelled Due To Corona Virus

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Bad news for the Geneva Motor Show lovers, this year there is no show again. Du to corona pandemic the holder of event decided to postpone it for one more year. Actually, it happened last year for 2020 show too. The Comité permanent du Salon international de l'automobile had planned for the show's return in 2022.

Corona virus has impacted all aspects of living. Travel bans, safety protocols, and high range of infection cancelled many events. Geneva International Motor Show is one of them too. The event in February 2020 was canceled. Even not the shows, but also supply chains faced difficulties. As one of the consequences we can see the global chip shortages. So, many production lines are stopped and automakers couldn’t deliver the cars on time.

By the International Geneva Motor Show, the organizers see this time as an opportunity. As they have more time to return with more power in 2023. Maurice Turrettini, President of the Comité permanent du Salon international de l'automobile told:

"We have pushed very hard and tried everything to reactivate the Geneva International Motor Show in 2022,"

He also added:

"Despite all our efforts, we have to face the facts and the reality: the pandemic situation is not under control and presents itself as a big threat for a large indoor event like GIMS."

However, seeing the situation like this is very disappointing for the fans. Although we can see step by step we are coming to and end to Covid-19 disaster, but its scary to see some famous Automakers don’t show interest to participate in Geneva show, just they didn’t have intensions for 2020 event too. On the other han we can see shows in Guangzhou motor show in China is on agenda just like it was scheduled.

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