SSC Said, Tuatara Did Not Brake The 300 MPH Barrier, Tuatara Is Still Trying

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It was just last year, that Tuatara, put a new record on the most fastest road car. This company claimed that they hit 484.53 km/h in one direction and 532.93 km/h in the other direction. And many covered the news, just like as us. But now after receiving many question marques on the film, the SSC North America confirmed, these high speeds were not real.

Thanks to the audiences, and they sharp eyes, the deflections came out step by step. So, once more, Tuatara in January 2021 did the test to clear the stain. But, the new record, although was record braking, was not as same as before. By the new run, the average car speed reached to 455.2 km/h (450 km/h and 460 km/h both side run). That means there is still way to go to break the sound barrier. To make it easer to understand, sound barrier happens at 300 mph, but Tuatara has the top speed of 282.9 mph.

"We would like to acknowledge officially that we did not reach the originally claimed speeds of 331 mph or even 301 mph in October of 2020."

SSC said on its Instagram page. That doesn’t mean at all that this company would give up. As SSC promises they would come back to complete the contest. They will come back with a new test. In fact, they gave a try back in May, but unfortunately the car carrier of the Tuatara had an accident. But now, as the company founder and CEO, Jerod Shelby states, they are now fully recovered from the accident and ready to have 300 mph run.

Except from Bugatti, who hit 304 mph in one direction with its Chiro Super Sport+, the other competitors really like to be the record breakers. Hennessey and Koenigsegg are likely doing the same with their Venom F5 and Jesko Absolut. But Bugatti has done by chasing records.

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