Spy Shots Of 2022 Kia K9 In South Korea, A Whole New Design

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While we were waiting for an update for the KIA K9, some spy shots are reveled which shows us, what KIA has done is more than just some updates. K9 as the largest car of this Korean brand was under a big surgery to fit in the new brand logo and strategy.

As we can see, there is no cover on the updated K9 and its on the street. Although it supposed to be just some updates, it seems that KIA brought a whole new vehicle to the market. This vehicle at its home town is known by the name of KIA K900, but in North America K9 is enough.

It was just two years ago that the second generation of K9 was revealed, but the refresh we are witnessing makes a great difference with the previous model. These updates with the body, made the K9 not just Large, but also Modern. The front view with the new designed chrome grille and much more angled and horizontal headlights is just one of the new characteristics.

And on the rear of this vehicle, new rear lights, which is pulled side to side of car and attached horizontal line, both are the new art work of KIA. Don’t miss the vertical graphics at the edges. It’s a tech-packed sedan!

2022 Kia k9 spy shots

There is still no shots from the interior, but if these huge changes happened for the exterior you should guess the end of story. By the colors we expect more options for the 2022 model. And the powertrain is still a mystery. The previous KIA K9’s had 3.3 and 3.8-liter 6-cylinder engines, as well as the 5.0-liter V8 that uses the top version of the spectrum. We should now wait for more official news.

Source: www.motor.es
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