Skoda Slavia Comes In India From Zero To Hero, A Family Sedan With Affordable Price

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Skoda has developed so rapidly these years. from Europe to far east this automaker made its way. The newest sedan by this company is Skoda Slavia. The model of 2022 will come to India so soon. Actually, this new car is so much similar to the old Fabia.

2022 skoda slavia

Skoda started its journey in Europe with Scala and went to Russia and later Asian and Chinese market. This time its time for India. Slavia is named after the founders of this automaker and can be categorized as an affordable family car. However, Slavia is just like a made over Fabia or even better description is a reassembly of VW Virtus, which is exclusively developed for South America.

The new Slavia which comes in India has the dimension of 4,541 millimeters (179 inches) long, 1,752 mm (69 in) wide, and 1,487 mm (59 in) tall, with a generous wheelbase stretching at 2,651 mm (104.3 in). previously, Skoda released enough information of the interior of this new vehicle. It’s actually so like the old Fabio but with many better artistic touches.

The one important option that no automaker never loses, is modifying the LED lights. Also, a normal auto these days has a digital instrument cluster and a 10-inch touchscreen. Perfect interior lightening and using some leather wrap on the front seats which option of ventilation is what really Skoda can offer.

The powertrain of this Sedan is a 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI gasoline three-cylinder engine (no diesel for Slavia). This engine can reach 115 hp of output a deliver 175 Nm of torque to the front axel via six-speed manual gearbox. By the demand of customers, the option of automatic transmission system is always available. If the setup of the engine goes to four-cylinder system, the output improves up to 150 hp with 250 Nm via six-speed manual or a seven-speed DSG.

2022 skoda slavia

The new Slavia will be built in Pune, and the components would be gathered by the local suppliers. That means many jobs for the local citizens.

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