Shelby Mustang Teaser Promises 'Something Special'

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Despite the accompanying image plainly showing a current-generation Mustang, Shelby American has released a mysterious teaser for a new car, and the internet can't seem to figure out what it is.

It's the first time we've heard anything like this from the tuner based in Las Vegas. So, in terms of what's behind the cover, we're practically an open book. In fact, it's possible that this announcement has nothing to do with that vehicle.

implying that Shelby is set to launch an EV-converted Mustang, and given the Vegas crew announced a Shelby-ised Mach-E at SEMA earlier this month, it's not a great leap of faith to believe that the coupe will be electrified.

Some of the commentators appear to believe the Mustang image was placed solely to throw everyone off. Those people believe the date mentioned in the post is more important than the photograph.

December 15 has a long and illustrious history with the organization. It was on this date in 2009 that Shelby Automobiles became Shelby American. The 2022 Ford Bronco goes on sale on December 15, and you can bet Shelby is eager to capitalize on demand for faster, more unique Broncos, especially since Ford's own high-performance Bronco Raptor is still at least six months away.

The Shelby American announcement in 2009 was timed to coincide with the 45th anniversary of the 1965 Shelby GT350. Shelby modifies special editions such as the Super Snake and Signature Edition vehicles. With the GT500 and Mach 1 in Ford's holding station, this may be an ideal time for a Shelby GT350 with full Shelby modifications. Shortly after the GT500 was reintroduced in 2007, Shelby introduced the GT500KR, which included more power and revised suspension.

Ford recently stated that the extreme carbon fiber handling package will no longer be available as a GT500 option, so now is a good moment to showcase a new GT500KR.

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