Semi Won’t Come To Market This Year, Tesla Needs More Battery

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If you are a Tesla costumer, you should be aware many things there has priority, and maybe your order is not on the list. It seems PepsiCo is waiting for the Tesla Semi in the last month of 2021. But on the other hand, Tesla has no intention to deliver it.

Actually, by a report, Ramon Laguart claimed CNBC PepsiCo would get their vehicles so soon, but just in some days, when a fan asked CEO of Tesla, he just said:

“company is constrained by chip supply short-term, cell supply long-term.”

Which can be translated as it is yet not “possible to produce additional vehicles in volume until both constraints are addressed.”in fact the struggle for Tesla is more than just a delay for some vehicle. The most important part is about battery cells, and a large number for such a big truck is not possible now.

Optimistically, Tesla is working on a new technology to produce the next generation of batteries. This company has already stablished two factories. That’s a good effort, however they are far behind the schedule. They haven’t finished developing that crucial element for both the factories and the cars they will make. That takes time actually.

What now Tesla needs, is 4680 tabless cells, which they don’t have at this time. So, its not hard to say Semi should wait just like the Cybertruck, and the Roadster. PepsiCo should be aware of it.

Actually, now as Elon Musk said no delivery of Semi for PepsiCo, we should wait to see what would PepsiCo do. Maybe laguart just said the time wrong (instead of 2023) or maybe they get in contact with Tesla and make a new decision. By the way, Tesla has not the only heavy big vehicle. Volvo has already VNR Electric and even sells it. besides, there are many other competitors too.

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