Scania Or Volvo, Which One Is The Winner?

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We’ve seen many kinds of drag races, but this one is much interesting. Its going about the big trucks race. Actually, it will simulate in the case of race and chases with the heavy big vehicles, which are probably carrying the instruction and pumping facilities, which one could be the best to scape. Thanks to the carwow, for such an amazing race.

First of all, we should be aware, this drag-race doesn’t prove anything. The used trucks in this filming are, Scania Skiploader, which has a 9.0-liter diesel engine and also 250-hp of output. The other Scania here, is the Scania grab lorry. This one’s engine is as big as the Skiploader, and also more powerful. The output exceeds to 280-hp. Then we can see the Volvo. This big concrete pump truck doesn’t have the big engine (just 5.0-liter capacity), and not enough information to get the out put power, but this one is much lighter than the Scandia’s. this Volvo weighs 12,000 kg, whiles the Scania grab lorry is 18,000 kg.

This drag race by the rules of Carwow, is categorized to three important parts. The first and most important part is the horn sound test, it seems some one should make a double think on what they put on their truck’s sounds. As we all know, horn is the first impression of every truck. The second part of this race, is dragging! To have and accurate result, the test was done three times, and the rules are not so Made Up. And the last part of this race, is about the braking. This one is also so important. By the way, by having an eye on the outputs, and also weights, you can have your guess.

The whole film last just 13 minutes for a half a mile drag., so it wont take long to see it, and put a smile on your face. And by the way, just if you wanted to buy a truck, this one can be useful. Thanks again to Carwow.

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