Rounded Rocks From Stone Age In 21th Century Means Spheric Tires From Goodyear With Citroen Skateboard Concept Car

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Goodyear is very popular among the transportation companies. This company mainly produces tires. It provides tires for concept, and race models. Here we can see the most amazing and also stone aged Idea with future technology tire. This spheric tire is going to be one part of the ultra-futuristic Citroen Urban Collectif concept, a joint project between the French automaker, Accor, and JCDecaux.

goodyear spheric tire for citroen concept

This flat plate here is not the car shape that we are familiar with, but that can be useful in many aspects if you use your imagination. This concept rides on the so-called Citroen Skate platform, which is designed to accommodate an electric powertrain and autonomous functions. It has the shape of a flat, skateboard-like vehicle which is self-drive too.

This project is completed by the Eagle 360 wheels from Goodyear. Theses tires has the Goodyear Wingfoot and logo. Using small electric motors, make the movement in all 360 degrees possible. Company sees these tires just like old computer mouses. Vincent Cobée, Citroen General Manager, comments told:

“We believe that this new concept can redefine the framework of urban mobility: shared, electric, and autonomous. With the solution we are presenting in partnership with Accor and JCDecaux, we are inventing autonomous mobility for all.”

This concept vehicle can go around even when its charging, as Citroen says. It can reach to 25km/h too. This speed is the safe limit for flat vehicle. But depending on the operation situation it can be programmed for lower speeds too.

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