Rimac Starts Construction Of Global HQ Campus

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Mate Rimac was named CEO of the newly formed Bugatti Rimac joint venture earlier this month. When the news was made, the carmaker indicated briefly that it is creating a new headquarters in Croatia, but provided little information. Rimac Automobili has already revealed photographs and details about its new headquarters.

The Rimac Campus, which is located in Sveta Nedelja, will be the production site for all future models from the automaker, including the Nevera. It will have an on-site test track, a museum, and design, engineering, production, and testing facilities on a 200,000 square meter property.

Rimac says that it is already working on its new headquarters, which will be one of Europe's largest integrated research and development and manufacturing facilities, without even mentioning Bugatti's name in the whole news statement. The property has been built in such a way that it may be enlarged in the future if more room is needed. It will eventually house over 2,500 workers, more than doubling the automaker's existing workforce.

The Rimac Campus will be developed in a modular fashion and will be carbon neutral. A test track, a rooftop garden, a command center, virtual reality rooms, and many top-secret project rooms will all be part of the new complex. The new facility will also have a customizing area where Rimac clients may test their future automobiles, a museum, and a bar.

Rimac's vast new headquarters will act as a production and R&D center as the firm looks to scale up its output and transition from being a tiny and exotic automaker to mass production. Rimac will also provide battery solutions for a variety of automobile manufacturers.

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