Range Rover Evoque L With A Long Wheelbase Makes Its Debut In China

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Long-wheelbase The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque L makes its premiere in China. It joins a growing list of extended cars available only in China.

Many automobiles are known to be available in long-wheelbase variants in the Chinese market. Because it is what the market requires, manufacturers have been building automobiles exclusively for one of the world's most significant automotive markets.

Mercedes has also developed a long-wheelbase version of the E-Class, while the BMW 5 Series Li has been lengthened for the People's Republic.

Evoque L

The Evoque L is substantially longer than its regular version, which measures 4,371mm, at 4,531mm. Of course, the longer body and wheelbase translate into more back legroom, which is reported to have risen by 125mm. According to Land Rover, the increased space allows passengers to stretch out more utilizing the electrically adjustable rear seats, which recline up to seven degrees rearward.

Range Rover Evoque L

All Evoque L models come standard with R-Dynamic sports kits and 20-inch wheels. The new Range Rover Evoque L is now on the market, with the first release variant costing 430,000 yuan (about $66,450 at current currency rates).

InControl OS 2.0 is also available for the Range Rover Evoque L. According to the manufacturer, this is a humanized interface with twin 10.2-inch touch displays akin to smartphones. The instrument panel has a 12.3-inch interactive full-color LCD as well. It's unknown whether the Evoque L will be available outside of China.

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