Quds Rise, The First Electric Car Built In Lebanon

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Last week Lebanon has unveiled its first ever electric car. This is an innovation by the Lebanese-born Palestinian businessman Jihad Mohammad. It is the first time in the Mediterranean countries which an all- electric car is completely built. Already this sport car is on spotlights, and many experts look forward for a full success for this car.

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This car in red is named “Quds Rise”. Quds is the Arabic name for the Jerusalem, and the big shiny cone on the front grille shouts out the name. it’s actually the logo of Dome of the Rock.it is known as the Islam’s third holiest site. Mohammad unveiled this vehicle in a parking lot south of Beirut. He claims that, this car is built from start to finish locally in Lebanon.

For the first step a number of 10,000 units will be built and the start is later this year. And for having one of these vehicles, you need $30,000. Mohammad set up ist firm four years ago, and by employing Lebanese and Palestinian engineers rose the number of employees to 300. It called Electra. He has a long-term goal to join the world market and compete with well known companies.

quds rise ev

This electric car can be a winning card for the automobile industry and also people too. As Lebanon is a fossil fuel importer and most energy relays on these fuels, having a electric car can be a good alternative, under condition of a sustainable power resource. So, to power up this EV, company planed for 100 recharging stations across the country. In fact, on the first stage the stages are powered by generators which can be later fueled by solar or wind power generations, Mohammad said.

The Independent energy analyst Jessica Obeid welcomed this new car, and also having solar charging station in her opinion is the only way to be in a right direction.

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