Quadratec Jeep YLJ Is Vehicle From 20 Years Ago With Today’s Innovation

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The new Quadratec is big and heavy beast from Jeep and is a mixture of Jeep Wrangler and JL model, that is why it’s called YJL.

At the front end of Quadratec, we see rectangular headlights, as we could see on the YJ. These headlights are not like the other ones and come with newest LED technologies. As we get to the front bumper, we see a metal beam that is placed below the auxiliary lamps.

Quadratec Jeep YLJ  cabin

The company has decided to use metal piping for the doors. The aluminum fenders are wider than before. The Quadratec Jeep YLJ is equipped with a removable bimini that protects the passengers from the direct sunlight while providing them with some fresh air.

The rear end inherits its bumper from the YJ and is paired with high-exist exhausts. The taillights are familiar as well, but feature LED lamps. The suspension is one of the most important parts of the new Quadratec Jeep YLJ. Teraflex RT4 Long Arm Suspension Lift Kit and Falcon 3.5 Adapt Shocks with a 3.5-inch lift have been offered. The Quadratec CJ Retro wheels have been wrapped by 37-inch Mikey Thompson Baja Boss tires.

Inside the cabin, we get to see an Alpine infotainment system. The off-road mode of the infotainment system shows detail such as tire pressures, an inclinometer, and trail maps. The front seats are Corbeau Trailcat. There storage bags place behind the front seats. On the floor, we see all-weather mats.

It is safe to say that the beast is going to be super popular among the off-roaders.

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