Production Of The Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe And Roadster Is Expected To End In December

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According to certain sources, production of the AMG GT Coupe will stop in December. It's hardly unexpected, given that the introduction of a Black Series variant usually signals the end of a model's life cycle. The sixth high-performance automobile to receive the Black Series treatment made its appearance in July 2020, and now that we're reaching the end of 2021, Mercedes has decided to abandon the fast coupe.

According to, a Spanish publication, the three-pointed star is no longer collecting coupe orders since there is a backlog of orders between now and the end of the year.

In the next weeks, Mercedes will unveil an all-new AMG-developed SL, potentially as early as November.

Lewis Hamilton visited Mercedes' design facility in Sindelfingen, Germany, and saw a clay model of a fast coupe in a video published by the company a few years ago. It didn't take long for the media to assume that the clay model was a prototype for the next-generation AMG GT.

It's likely that a new coupe will join the SL roadster, as it makes more financial sense to spread the expenditures over two models rather than just selling the convertible.

Because no spy pictures of a new coupe have surfaced, a second-generation model is unlikely to arrive before the second half of 2023. Mercedes is said to be combining the C-Class Coupe / Convertible and the E-Class Coupe / Convertible into a single model, the CLE, to trim down its two-door options.

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