Porsche Cayman GT4 RS, The Car With Many Detail Options

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Porsche Cayman GT4 really boomed the LA show, this vehicle has many aspects to focus on, from all the details inside, to the engine itself. However, having such perfect car costs its luxurious. The Cayman for the standard model $60,500 and can ride into $220,000 for the GT4 RS with all the options.

Enter level of Cayman has its own perfectness. But we are going to make a detail of the GT4 RS. We can see there is always some tuning options for the Caymans, but GT4 RS is on top. It has even a leather-wrapped fuse box. This leather box has its own price Tag too. $380 should be paid. Also, the steeling Colum and climate control panel goes in leather with $470 and $780.

2022 porsche cayman

Want more leather? How about on the manual or floor mats (which is actually leather design on the edges)? Even if you liked you can real carbon fiber on the floor too, which it won’t come cheap. The manual wallet could be the same. Every single one come is $560 to $,040.

When Porsche stops messing around with leather and carbon fiber, it’s time for climate control panel in the same color of the body or even a glossy black. That comes for $780. Extra money and don’t know where to waste it? order a $50 luggage compartment box that folds and a luggage net for $59. Have more money, try the washable trunk liner for $210.

Cayman can bring you a $13,250 Weissach Package or even $12,830 custom color, one of the most expensive options is a luggage set (leather, of course) for $6,323 with a handy bag, small weekender, large weekender, and a garment bag. There are many ways to spend your money. Even if you have a baby, you can try the baby seat latches and a child seat mat for a combined $550.

2022 porsche cayman

Just in the case you are obsessed with the racing and would like to have your own number on the car, pay $1,350 and you’ll have it. by choosing this option box, as a default number, 356 would appear. If you don’t like it, just change it.

The list of Porsche extravagant is not finished. They would be so grateful if you choose a white Edition car care for $950. That includes sponges and an insect remover to paint polish and a three-piece brush set. The instruction is also there which s very important to know how rub your vehicle. Interior window cleaner, hard wax, and shampoo are also provided.

Has more 403 dollars? How about 55 pieces which makes you a Porsche owner? The special Porsche gloves is one of them. The LED headlamp, but be aware, using the tool set on your car in not prepare way, could end in losing warranty.

The Porsche Cayman of yours could cost at last, $141,700. If you wonder what is the standard options, voice control, black door pulls loops, the luggage net in the passenger footwell, nor for some of the exterior colors (White, Black, Guards Red, and Racing Yellow). The comfortable 18-way adjustable seats are a no-cost option as an alternative to the body-hugging bucket seats.

In the case you are addicted too bad to cigarettes, Porsche Cayman GT4 S has special option for it too. It has smoking package just like 911 GT3 with an ashtray and cigarette lighter in the center console where you'd normally have the storage compartment.

This is how Porsche gain money. Offering packages, and something that you don’t need, but you want, is the success key for Porsche.

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