Porsche Cars Would Be All-Time Updated By OTA But Not Many Updates Like Smatrphones

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Having just a computer or touch screen in the cars, nowadays is so old school. Every second we see new updates and specs on vehicles. They are not just simple mean of transportation; they are an artificial intelligent. And to keep them up-to-date every second, we have seen the “Over-the-air” idea, the new way of updating the vehicle system. But what makes us suspicion, is many updates over the time. To relief, Porsche explains about this issue.

This kind of technology is already used by Porsche and Tesla motors. Taycan is one of the cars with it. In 2020, many electric cars took advantage from this technology and improved the acceleration for the Taycan Turbo S, improved charging functionality, and the Smart lift function for the models fitted with air suspension. Even, more updates are coming too. But as Taycan director Robert Meier claims it won’t be many updates like the smartphones.

porsche taycan ota

The mid-cycle facelift of a next-generation would be four years. And by the “OTA” Porsche could keep its vehicles all the time up-to-date. And by demand of owners of Taycan, by the OTA updates, it is possible to unlock many features like Active Lane Keep Assist by getting a monthly subscription.

According to a report be Autocar, all the future models of Taycan will have the OTA technology. Robert Meier says:

"We don't plan to really go with many, many updates like on a smartphone. It's not a smartphone: it's a car that you have to drive safely. In my eyes, we won't see these [updates] as frequently as you have it on a phone."

porsche taycan ota

The Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo and the next up-coming Porsche, all-new Macan, all would support OTA updates. Moreover, Tesla and Porsche are not the only automakers, using the OTA technology. Ford is working on it to use it on its Mustang Mach-E and F-150. Volkswagen would update the ID.3 and ID.4. Mercedes is already ahead and started updating its products in USA since 2013. Also, Jaguar I-Pace with the software update extended it rage to 12 more miles. Volvo is on the way too.

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