Plug-In Aiways U6, A New Brand From China Joins The Market In 2022

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Some decades ago, making a new car needed many efforts and also money, but by the huge supports from the Chinese governments, being an automaker became some how easier. This time we can see another new born Chinese automaker, Aiways, which is grounded by a former Ferrari employee.

2022 aiways electric suv

This beautiful SUV is the artwork of former Ferrari employee, Ken Okuyama, who didn’t forget to use the hottest technology on its innovative car. This is in fact a plug-in car with more than 650 Kilometers range. It seems now making these kinds of electric cars, is just piece of cake for the Chinese. And it won’t be summarized just for the Chinese market. This company is making its way to Europe too. Its ready to join the market and started advertising through website.

2022 aiways u6 electric suv

As it is obvious, this SUV can be the tase of many young people, active and sporty look and exciting color. The LED technology on the headlamps and the shape of bumper, are here to improve the look. Door handles are combined to the body and plastic fenders on the lower body has its specific shape. That mean fenders and tires are in cooperate to improve the aerodynamics characters. Behind the car, taillights are designed like a thin strip.

2022 aiways u6 electric suv

Inside the car follows the minimalist philosophy. It is some how simple and elegant. The big touch screen on the center of dashboard makes the accessibility easy. Yet no other information from the interior is available.

2022 aiways u6 electric suv

By the powertrain s also a little information. What we know now, is the rage of this plug-in car, 650 km by the NEDC cycle and the battery pack which is a 63-kWh lithium-ion battery pack provided by CATL. The production happens in china and U6 will be delivered to the dealerships by 2022, as its scheduled.

2022 Aiways U6 Plug inSUV

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