Pininfarina Teased The New Electric Sedan Model E, The iPhone Maker Produces It

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Some days ago, the Apple iPhone maker, Foxconn came up with three electric vehicles in three deferent categories. Sedan car, which we can name it now Model E is designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the famous Italian design company. Now, this company teased its new electric sedan with a video.

The official Pininfarina YouTube channel provided us more information about the Model E sedan. As we can see here, for sure the badge of this car is under Foxconn. The side mirrors are using cameras. Actually we can say simply, it is equipped with “smart surfaces”. the car is intelligent enough yo communicate and display “Hello” or give signs and direct the bicyclist. The whole design is not about being sporty, it more about luxurious.

This electric sedan will have a total output of 750 hp or 559 kW. In 2.8 seconds, it can speed up to 100 km/h. the company also claims, driving for 750 km an ease to it.

pininfarina model E ev

Getting inside the car, its about being elegant. Front doors are perfectly designed and wrapped from the pillar to the rear doors. Instrument cluster and the infotainment screen are also part of this vehicle, but Model E provided and extra screen on the left side of driver, which will display the side mirror cameras.

There are so much more to learn, but by now even these features are satisfying. In just two years we could see the Model E along with Model C as the compact crossover and Model T the electric bus. Unfortunately, its not time for the U.S. market. For the first step it goes in to its homeland, Taiwan. Maybe the Apple company interface itself, and speed up the process and name the car for its company.

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