Ora Cat Is In Munich, Isn’t It An Updated Volkswagen Beetles?

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Just by a looking around the Motor Show in Munich, there are mostly the name of China there, behind the scene or on the stage. Great wall as a big automaker company, under the name of Ora, has introduced a new EV at the show. Although the look is just like the famous VW Beetles, but company strongly confirm on origin design.

ora black cat ev

Ora has previously announced its new electric vehicle. Its all-electric along with a retro-looking in the era of massive grilles and pointy designs. Its Ora Black Cat. This Cat as company claims should have “vintage-style” with “a powerful and aerodynamic appearance”. But its still very hard to erase the original Volkswagen Beetle shape from our minds. By the way this mimic is not very bad as the designs of the cars are getting more alike with aggressive looks.

ora black cat ev

The Powertrain of this Cat is unknown but we are strongly sure, it will have a single electric motor with 143 hp and delivers 210 Nm of torque to the front wheels. The designed model for Europe will cover 400 km range with a full charged battery, but its not clear which system confirmed it, the WLTP or NEDC cycle.

As company states, all the potential customers were cooperating by the development and also they added, “young at heart who care about their community yet still have their own take on the world.”

Some other features for this Ora electric car can be 360-degree camera, and some other things that are unclear. By the end of this year, probably you could see this kitty Catty on the European streets.

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