November 19, The Day Of Maybach S-Class DIGITAL

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Mercedes S-class is itself a piece of future, but now there is Mercedes-Maybach S-Class which is going to debut on 19th of November. This Sedan as company claims is Digital World Premiere of the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Actually, it is not far from really if we name this car the combines the perfection and high-tech. of course you can feel the variation of Maybach S-Class DIGITAL and regular S-Class (however the S-Class itself is a master art.)

Bigger Saloon For S-Class

As for a luxury car the convenience of passengers is very important, Maybach has extended the wheelbase for 18 cm. so the rear passengers have more space. As the rear compartment can be used as a comfortable workplace or even just a place to have some minutes in peace. For a Maybach S-Class DIGITAl some items like optional two-tone paintwork with dividing line, and large wooden trim both on the backs of the front seats and between the two rear passengers are very usual.

Also this edition can be used for long journey too. You can order it in several new luxury additions to the rear seats of the vehicle. That can be massage function in the calf rests of the executive seats, as well as heating for the neck and shoulders.

Power Unit

The powertrain is the V12 engine. This engine is a twin-turbo 6.0-liter powerplant with 621 hp output and 1,000 Nm torque. In fact, this will be the only S-class which have a V12 engine among the S-class Variant.

We expect to see this S-Class in 2022. And don’t forget to have at least $173,000. This is the price of regular S-class.

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