Next Generation Of MG eHS Introduced With Shark Hunting Face

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MG has launched its latest plug-in hybrid crossover, called the MG eHS PHEV. MG eHS can drive more than 90 km relying on its batteries.

In terms of appearance, the MG eHS is also one of the best looking cars in its class. The most distinct design element is the big black grille that is known as the “shark hunting”. Headlights are also very sporty and aggressive while there are DRLs that look like the eyes of a shark when they are turned on.


Turn signals are located on the front bumper vertically and their angle matches with the bars inside the grille.

In terms of size, the eHS measures 4610x1876x1685mm and has a wheelbase of 2720 mm. The good news at the rear is that unlike many cars in the market, the tailpipes are functional and real.

Inside the cabin, MG eHS looks very modern and offers a lovely area for its passengers. The design and quality are excellent and a flat-bottom steering wheel adds some sportiness to the cabin.

Other highlights inside are 10.1-inch IPS high-definition touch screen, 12.3-inch full LCD digital instrument cluster, ambient lighting with 256 colors available, remote start, voice command, a high-end BOSE sound system, and a full-size sunroof.

Mg also used soft material and leather on most surfaces to give passengers a sense of quality. one of the newest technologies in MG eHS is an air circulation system that introduced as the AVTECH biochemical-class defense cockpit. This system can do a fast purification of the air in the car in only 3 minutes. The AVTECH system uses a filter that can absorb viruses and bacterias by 99%. This option can also work to adsorb the new coronavirus.

Cabin space is pretty good as well and passengers who are tall as 180 cm can easily fit on the front seats with enough headspace.


With the front seats adjusted for a 180 cm person, there is still space for the same person at the rear. All seats also provide good support for the body. There are also air vets and two USB outputs for rear passengers. The trunk space is also good while you can increase it by folding second-row seats.


Under the hood, MG eHS uses a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with a direct injection system. The engine is designed by SAIC Group after many years of research and development in order to have better efficiency and lower consumption.

MG claims that the EV range is 75km but some tests proved that in the ECO mode and fully charged batteries, it managed to reach the pure electric range of 90.2 km. The average power consumption is 15kWh/100km according to the automaker. One interesting thing is that on EV mode. The BOSE sound system simulates the engine sound.

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jean michel MALOBERTI
November 1, 2022

MAGNIFIQUE il sera quand en concession ? et a quel prix ? merci