New Teaser Photos Of First Hyper Limousine Ever, Aznom Palladium

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Aznom the Italian Auto company has released new photo Teaser o its new car. you can’t say that is it exactly a SUV or Sedan. But We can say that, this car is definitely a high luxury car for special intentions. Look at the cars name. “Palladium”! as the company describes it as the first “hyper-limousine”. By new teasers we can have an imaginary illusion of this car.

This 20-feet limo has the technology of all-wheel-drive system for doing off-roads. On the other hand, Aznom says that this is the car which is “known by people in the business”. Just imagine you are reading the business contract on the Sahara. Just kidding!

Aaznom palladium rear seats

Palladium will be ready to go for the debut just this seems that team are just adding the last points on the interior and then doing the final tests and evaluate it on roads. Surprisingly, although we are very close to the debuts date, there are just some sketches of this car. so weird! But the company believes:

“the high value of the design is immediately recognizable and the quality of the material used is extremely refined.”

aznom palladium interior teaser

So, we should be so optimistic. By looking at the photos we can say about the rear passenger area and refrigerated compartment. Don’t miss the draws too. This very customer oriented, gives its costumers to discuss about every desire about the surface and material before the final order. By having the best suppliers and craftsmen in Italy, Aznom wants to create an “almost unlimited” options for the clients.

aznom palladium teaser

This car will have at first a very special unveiling evet in Milan and then we can be free to see it at the Milano-Monza Open Air Motor Show.

Source: aznom
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