New Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Carlex Racing Green Edition

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The Mercedes Benz X-Class pickup has been around some times. This big Truck is it self a massive one and now as the 10th Carlex Design on the Mercedes Benz X class is here. The Racing Green Edition has the most aggressive look than ever.

Calex designers by overhauling the Mercedes Benz X-Class, did not change the exterior of it but also considered some updates inside the car, made this big truck more aerodynamic and also the significant point the color of the green. Ninja turtles would fall in love with the color.

New Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Carlex Racing Green Edition

Exterior Look

For the exterior, Carlex used the special carbon body kit. Moreover, the side sills and for making it more aerodynamic (or at least for just a cover of aero-friendly Car) the carbon bed bar is added to the body too. As sad before the green color is much on the spotlight. It is obvious it took much efforts to have such a perfect hue of green spectrum.

Green, Green, White

This product stands among the other re-faced cars of Carlex Design Racing Green Line so don’t get surprise of the pattern of the brush on the body as its is actually a hand brushed car. it is actually company’s trick to create a harmony of colors. The white line has the duty of the attention attraction by the contrast. You can see the white colors on the wheels too. That gives the big news, “make way, its Carlex Design”.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Carlex Design


By stepping in the car, you feel the Sporty environment. The black and white combination matches good with the car’s soul. Also, the vertical lines and the new seatbelts are very impressive. They are also in green. The steering wheel has a new look. It is covered with leather. Dashboard and door panels are also covered with carbon.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Racing Green Edition

The new look of Mercedes Benz X-Class is very unusual and the same time harmonic. So, if accidently you are Donatello and want to buy this redesigned car don’t expect to be cheap, you should spend a bit more.

What do you think?
February 21, 2021

This is MEAN. I would have preferred grey suede interior.

David Ruck
April 12, 2021

hi how much for the racing green

michael auguste
September 13, 2021

This benz carlex design is a sexy truck ever built , I call it ( BERTHER)