New Interior Trim On the Bentley Doors, The Tweed From Sustainable Materials

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The Luxury British Automaker Bentley is famous for its iconic Ideas and high luxury materials with best qualities. But today this company introduced the new door trim option for the Bentley Flying Spur, Bentley Continental GT and Bentley Bentayga. That is neither the new perfect leather nor gold strip lines on the door curves. That is actually Tweed patterns on the sustainable materials.

New Bentley interior door design of tweed

This decision has been made to show the respectfulness of the Bentley to the environment and now having the tweed pattern on the doors is one of the many options for the customers. It is not actually that this firm did such a thing. Last year, Bentley became the first manufacturer to offer a tweed effect hood with the Continental GT Convertible enhancing personalization as part of a suite of paint, veneer and lifestyle options for the soft-top model.

The idea developed in 2019 as Bentley for its all-electric EXP 100 concept car 5,000-year-old copper-infused Riverwood, traditionally produced wool carpets and a leather-like textile upholstery made from a bi-product of wine-making.

Bentley has big plans to be the leader of sustainable luxury mobility. They have more than 100 strategy on just one of them is the sustainable material on doors. In fact, this tactile woven wool keeps the energy inside the cabin and make the atmosphere more convenient. Also, it was so important to goes along the leather colors which is used in the cabin too, four different options of tweeds are available.

It seems everybody is caring of the earth even the most luxurious Automaker. Re-using materials or sustainable materials maybe won’t prevent the earth dying but it could delay it.

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