New Flying Car Flies For Real By Stefan Klein

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Flying is the one of the oldest humanities wishes. After having airplanes, space crafts, rockets and much more, by growing the traffic jams in big cities and for reducing the wasted times in short trips, for many years’ engineers dreamed of flying cars. Actually, so many concepts were created and tested. But as far as we know none of them were produced in high numbers. Now there is a new flying car again. But this time, this one is a real Car-Air Craft. This is actually the masterwork of Stefan Klein who has previous experience in this discipline has produced a very promising proof of concept – with video evidence of its airworthiness.

Air car produced by klein

This beautiful design is very encouraging, as it is a real car which can go around the city on wheels and just by pushing a button it transforms to an ultra-light air plane. As you push the button, the wings are dislodged from their hidden place and become ready to produces enough lift for taking off.

Also, the rear car wing, at the air mode acts like boom tail. The rear of the car is extended and by optimizing the flight characteristics the car is ready to flight. Behind the car is also the propeller which produces enough thrust to fly. Doing such attempts are very impressive.

By the way there are still some questions which should be solved. Starting from the ground. Having big propeller and not standard size for the body, makes the movement on the streets so hard. Of course, having a folded wing is a good solution but some afford should be done to the propeller too.

the flying machin

Other problem is the shortage of the enough regulations for such an Aircar craft. How this vehicle can pass the regulations and also can be registered. The last point is the costs. Of course, for some billionaires who have their personal jets, affording a huge money is nothing to have such a thing on their yard, but it is obvious, this Air-car is not such a thing that everybody can have one.

Despite of all the points, new Ideas are always new ways to the future. A Good or bad try. That’s not important. Its important that today we saw a real flying car no just in Animations or Fiction Films.

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Mike Bird
July 6, 2021

Nice idea, but only the rich will be able to buy it.