New But The Same, Voyah iLand Introduced In Beijing Auto Show

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As the 2020 Beijing Auto Show goes on, the Chinese are rocking the show. Now Voyah, a sub-brand under the Dongfeng conglomerate, shows a modern concept with a curvy shape. We don’t talk about the marque's iFree electric SUV which we are waiting to see the production line next year, we talk about the i-Land concept.

Voyah i-Land concept is the other concept which is these days on the booth of Voyah. This a complete electric coupe with gullwing doors. What makes this car so interesting is the Deja Vu feeling of it. Maybe is that because of the so much similar features of this car with the h Italdesign's DaVinci Concept, which debuted in last year's Geneva Motor Show. Some similarities are acceptable as the designer team was also Italdesign which designed the DaVinci too.

The silhouette, the fascia, and of course, the gullwing doors are so the same in both Voyah i-Land and DaVinci concept cars. What is not similar is the logo of the Voyah logo which is also designed by the Italian design. As the official news release, Italdesign did much for the i-Land to make it from a onboard human-machine interfaced to an engineered development.

Inside the car is also similar in central tunnel and steering wheel almost shared between the two of i-Land and the I-Free. The Voyah company claims that

We're just not sure when, but the company promises L3 and higher autonomous driving with the production car

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