New Born Of Pontiac Aztek With New Fiction Rendering

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In 2009 when Pontiac showed its new car, Pontiac Aztek, with a new face, the community called it one of the ugliest cars ever. Those days, they hadn’t saw todays taste yet. Actually, the chief designer of Aztek wanted to stat a new era for GM to "make a statement about breaking from GM's instinct for caution”, But it didn’t work well, as he expected.

Pontiac Aztek

After the model of 2009, Pontiac manufactured it last G6 in January 2010 and till then there were no news of it. Now an Instagram Page “wb.artist20” gave a new look to the Aztek with its art. This new look is a combination of the Chevrolet Trailblazer, one of the fastest-selling new cars in the United States and Aztek. The connections of this rendering with the cars which mentioned are in the two-row light. Also, this car heritage the massive C-pillar on the Trailblazer. And from the side look you can see the shadow of Aztek.

Is it actually a Trailblazer or Aztek, we cant say it clearly, but what is so clear, not even Pontiac Aztek wasn’t ugly, new rendering is also better than the Huge Grille Cars. Its looks somehow like an alien car. by the way, the last judge is up to you.

Of, course this is not the only rendering during the time for Aztek. Others tried to make it every one’s taste. Every effort is worthy.

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