More Than 2.6 Million Mercedes-Benz Vehicles Recalled In China

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Mercedes-Benz (China) Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. and Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. Campo with the management of the status of market monitoring and administration in accordance with the requirements of administrative regulations. Clarification of defective essays E of the executive measures to bring defective retraction products in memory of the plan to manage the following vehicles are retrieved from 12 April 2021.


(1) Do you remember the A-Class, B-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, GLA SUV, GLB SUV, GLC SUV, production data of 21 January 2016 to 20 November 2020 GLE SUV, GLS SUV , CLA, SLC, CLS, SL, G-class, AMG GT, EQC vehicles, Binding connection 2,600,677 Vehicles.

(2) The restoration of a part of the imported and national class B, Class E, Class S, GLA SUV, SUV GLB, SUV GLC, GLS SUV, GLE SUV are 33 CLA, SL and AMG GT in total vehicles.

(3) Remember some class purchased and national categories, Class A, Class B, Class C, Clas E, Class S, CLA, CLS, CQE, GLA SUV, Date July 3, 2016 to October 30, 2020. GLB SUV, SUV GLC, SUV GLE, GLS SUV, class G vehicles, a totally of 333 vehicles.

In the case of (1) vehicles, because of the problem of the communication module of the vehicle software project as part of this retreat, when the vehicle cruises and the emergency calling service are activated automatically, a temporary decrease in communication voltage The module is provided by a vehicle collision can cause a vehicle. Deviation, if the vehicle's positioning can automatically carry to the Mercedes-Benz work center for delays in the risk of rescue and safety.

Reason for Resignation

For vehicles listed in (2) at the top, due to the reasons of the suppliers, the vehicle communication module in these resignation may not be associated with the communication network.

In the event of an accident, emergency services, including manual and automatic functions, they are not available, which can lead to saving delays and represent security threats.

For vehicles listed in (3) above, the vehicle communication module software may have been disabled in relation to this retirement. In case of accident , emergency services , including manual and automatic functions are not available , it may be delayed in emergency threats and security.


(1) Previous Vehicles, Mercedes-Benz (China) Seller Mercedes-Benz Automotive, Ltd. and Beijing Benz Auto Car Co., Ltd. OTA technology is used to update the communication module software for retract vehicles. free. It is not necessary to go to the store to eliminate safety threats; in the case of vehicles, which can't remember the OTA Mercedes-Benz (China) technology Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. and Beijing Benz Auto Car Co., Ltd. and Mercedes-Benz-Mercedes-Benz, an authorized service center in collaboration with the appropriate users to update the communication module software for the vehicle for free to eliminate potential security threats.

For vehicles in (2) Previous, Mercedes-Benz (China) Automotive Sales Co., Ltd. and Beijing Benz Auto Car Co., Ltd. you are authorized service centers to update the communication module software for vehicles as part of a retirement. Free to eliminate possible security threats.

For vehicles listed in (3) on the sale of Mercedes-Benz (China) vehicles in the distance center of the authorized service center to eliminate potential security threats.

Mercedes-Benz (China) Automotive Sales Sales Co., Ltd and Bijing Benz Auto Car Co., Ltd. Use the sales service of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Co., Ltd. with SMS, vehicles push, messages from the push messaging station or stand Atelft, the results of the relevant users of this retreat. Users can choose a service line: 400-818-1188 by a landline or mobile phone to tips (store plans come from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day). In addition, it is also possible to access the location of, and follow the Wechat official account (SAMDPAC) for more information and references to defects.

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