Mini-Senna For Children’s Amusement, New McLaren Hobby For Kids

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Nowadays, hobbies have been changed a lot. But what we concern is just about the automobiles. Some things like races or Formula 1 even driving enthusiasm us, but what’s more is about the youngers which are more potential for having fun. McLaren has a solution. Believe it or not this luxury company built a mini supercar for children.

This car is an electric car and just look like McLaren Senna. As it is obvious this car is designed by children but who can stop adults to drive a supercar just with $582. Of course, with this car you can’t drive on roads or go to highways. Actually, it’s just like a pleasant walk.

Maybe now you are convinced not to try a toy car, but Lando Norris, the McLaren F1 driver, won’t lose any chances to drive a McLaren. As it is obvious, it is very hard for a grown man to fit in a toy, but with some efforts he did it in the end. Of course, McLaren has some other super cars for young enthusiastic like McLaren 720S or McLaren P1.

Lando Norris Drives McLaren-Senna

Mini Senna With Real Facilities

Although this cars speed is not much, but it is equipped with dihedral doors, real working brakes and the brake lights too. You can press the push-button just like the real one to start the car. And what is more is the real sound of engine which is played by the start. If you like to play music you can also connect a SD card or USB. It also has a 360-degree view around the car without using any cameras around. Just you pupil can turn his head around to see around crystal clear.


This very funny McLaren is offered in six different colors, including white, black, Mira orange, Vega blue, Memphis red, and yellow with green accents. For now if you like to buy it, you can just pursue it from the McLaren retailers. In North America, others will go on sale through select Walmart and Target stores with a retail price of $582.

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