MG Will Build A Hatchback Electric Car For 2021

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MG is joining the Electric Club too. This is MG company’ plan for the new year. this company wants to present 2 new EV in supermini forms which one of them will be debuted next year. as the Electric Cars’ market is already occupied with other automakers, MG has some Strategies which could increase the sale rate.

It is very important that the first E-car o MG submits its name as a successful project because it would have influence on the customers desirability. What MG really wants to offer us is a low-cost compact electric mini. It can be maybe the rival to the Renault Zoe. Also, this car would be available by the end of 2021.

Just some brief information about this new MGs E-Motion is revealed. For example, as this is a very compact car, the size of battery is decreased just like the Battery size. So, the capacity is certainly less than the ZS EV’s 44.5kWh. of course, in this way the costs are reduced too. Smaller battery means, a lighter car and better aerodynamics parameters. The range of this car is about 150 miles. But on the other hand, smaller battery should affect the power output of engine too.

What would make this a competitor, is definitely the cost of it. Its very important for the consumers to have a Electric car, in a acceptable range of many. In compare with ZS EV, which starts from £25,495 and £50kW DC rapid charging as standard, MG has omitted some features to keep the price low. Just now we have the Honda E and Mini Electric as pioneers of EVs market with a understandable Tag. Now what we expect from the MG’s vehicle, to cast less than £20,000.

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