MG Cyberster Teaser Video Released With Fancy Lights & Long Jumping!

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Official pictures and teaser video of new concept of MG released. MG Cyberster is a two-door concept showing the future vision of MG in design and technology. MG has said that this concept car is design in the Design Centre in London and is inspired by the classic MGB Roadster.

Design of headlamps are absolutely pretty, and MG called them “Magic Eye”. In the teaser video, which is published by MG, you could see how the headlamps are working and eye-catching. MG Cyberster has a long LED named “Laser Belt” across the car representing its legacy.

As you could see in this video, the design of lights is so amazing but in the last part of this teaser, the car has a long jumping, however, the result and landing of the car has not shown and we do not know what would happen if we have such a jump with a two-door concept car! Just kidding!

MG Cyberster is based on all-electric platform and claimed to have more than 800 KM driving range with full charged battery. The performance of this all-electric engine is also great and could hit the 100km/h in just under 3 seconds.

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