Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept Teased

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The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is the brand's forthcoming concept that seeks to push the boundaries of range utilizing production-ready technology. According to the teaser photos, the EQXX is a low-slung sedan with soft curves, which makes sense given the efficiency aims. It's a huge car that seems to be at least as big as a Tesla Model S, if not somewhat longer.

The Vision EQXX, according to Mercedes, can go over 1,000 kilometers on a single charge. Mercedes wants to increase energy density by 20% over the EQS. The EQXX will supposedly travel more than 6 miles per kilowatt-hour of battery energy. Given the anticipated range and efficiency, some basic calculations indicate that the battery capacity might be approximately 104 kWh.

Mercedes Vision EQXX Concept

The business also hopes to attain a drag coefficient lower than 0.20, which is the EQS figure.

Mercedes has promised a demonstration next year to back up these claims. The machine is being created by a multidisciplinary team within the firm, with assistance from the Mercedes-AMG Formula One team's High-Performance Powertrain section.

Mercedes does not intend to bring the Vision EQXX into production. It does, however, want to apply these advances to future electric cars.

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